China: feasibility study with support

JITRI offers a package to overseas companies working in high tech.

The background is that many overseas companies are interested in entering the Chinese market, but very often they will need product localization, research & development, and to adjust their product to the Chinese market as well as develop new products or technologies for the Chinese market. The objective of this package is to help foreign companies set up their R&D or technical support center in China.

The package is comprised of two steps:

Step 1:

A. If the company is evaluated and approved by JITRI, they will be offered up to 1 million RMB in funding to work on a feasibility study about their future landing in China. 40% of this funding can be used for salaries for people working on this, and the other 60% can be used for travel expenses, market research, expert consultancy expenses, etc. The main functions of this feasibility could include:

• Building your future project team in China
• Researching the relevant industry
• Completing a detailed business plan and budget

B. Companies could choose to set up their representative office in one of the three cities, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Nanjing. JITRI will cover between half and all of the market price rent cost. The office is to be set up in an innovation community, for instance, a 390.000 m2 space available in Suzhou. In Suzhou, you will be able to sit next to leading research institutes and companies like Haldor-Topsoe.

Step 2:

After 6-12 months, the feasibility study will be finished. Your company can decide, on the basis of the results, if you want to set up R&D or a technical support center in China, or if the timing is not right. You will have the option to submit the detailed business plan, and have it evaluated by JITRI, together with global experts. If the project is approved for support, your company will hold the major share (60-80%) of the future project company, while the majority of funding (about 80-90%) is provided by JITRI.

Current successful cases for this model include Haldor-Topsoe ( and Sioux (, and the program has succeeded in capturing the attention of Airbus, Johnson-Matthey, ARaymond, and others.

For more information and how to apply, please contactCheng Zu, Chief Representative in Northern Europe

Mobile: +45 25 37 88 96

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JITRI and Haldor-Topsoe collaboration
Portfolio Projects are past projects that are finalized and no longer active. They serve as a showcase of what Innovation House members have achieved in the past and as an inspiration for future projects. The story began with the opening ceremony of Innovation House China-Denmark in September 2016. Dr. Qing Liu, President of JITRI, and Dr. Fei Chen, Vice President of Haldor-Topsoe met at the opening ceremony. They started a discussion to explore the potential collaboration between JITRI and Topsoe. Soon after, the Topsoe management team visited JITRI headquarters in Nanjing in December 2016 to discuss more details about the potential to establish a joint R&D center in China. In February 2018, JITRI, Topsoe, and Suzhou Xiangcheng high-speed rail new city signed an agreement to create a joint venture company for the future R&D center. In December 2018, the JITRI-Topsoe joint R&D center is officially opened. 5100 m2 of renovated lab space are ready for R&D activities. A pilot plant facility is well equipped. There are more than 30 employees in the center, most of them researchers with master's or Ph.D. degrees. Several new technologies focus on clean energy are currently incubating in the center, including new battery material, air pollution control by catalyst, and heavy oil hydroprocessing. The joint R&D center is located in the Yangtze River Delta International R&D Community in the Xiangcheng district, Suzhou. Haldor-Topsoe mentioned that it is important to have a well-equipped research facility that is much closer to their clients in China so they can quickly adjust their product and solution accordingly. It is also beneficial to share the risk of new technology development with trusted partners. Suzhou provides a location with good infrastructure and an abundant source of talented employees for R&D. It only takes 23 minutes to travel to Shanghai. JITRI is willing to assist overseas companies if they are interested to explore the possibility to set up their new technology R&D center in China. Funding, lab space, and talents will be provided to help the new technology incubation.
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Urban Design – design portfolio
Portfolio Projects are past projects that are finalized and no longer active. They serve as a showcase of what Innovation House members have achieved in the past and as an inspiration for future projects. Please enjoy images from past projects by Frode Birk Nielsen. The images are from the following projects:
  • Town Centre of Fredericia, 2005 - 2006. Position: Chief Landscape Architect.
  • Sculpture Park, Yinchuan, 2013 - 2014. Position: Chief Landscape Designer.
  • Thomas B. Thriges Gade, Odense, 2013 - 2015. Position: Chief Designer, Landscape Architect.
  • Light Rail, City of Lund, 2012 - 2014. Position: Chief Landscape Planner.
  • Toldbod Square, City Centre of Aalborg, 2005 - 2007. Position: Chief Designer, Landscape Architect.
  • Aarhus River, Aaboulevarden, Aarhus, 1995 - 2009 (5 stages). Position: Team Leader, Landscape Architect.
  • Aalborg central city square, 1998 - 2007. Position: Chief Designer, Landscape Architect.
  • Israels Square, Copenhagen, 2008 - 2014. Position: Lead Consultant, Landscape Architect.
Pearls in the Landscape
Pearls in the Landscape will be a book about land art in Denmark. The aim is to highlight the aesthetic and cultural monuments hidden in the vigorous danish landscape, to inspire and open the readers and visitors eyes and minds for the beauty of art and nature in combination. By text and outstanding photos the book introduces and describes the 30 very best examples of land art in Denmark. The examples move across traditional demarcations, and include projects made by famous artists, landscape architects and unknown designers. In addition the book creates a historical overview of projects realized from prehistoric time until now. The book is for everybody who wishes to experience the interaction between the landscape, architecture, and art. Layout and photos will be in high graphic quality, on all 200-250 pages. The publication is expected to come out 2022.
Kronborg Stories Untold

Danish history as it has never been told before

14 true tales from the people who tend to one of the world’s most famous castles, and 14 dramatized tales of destiny from the last 600 years of Danish history. In total: 28 tales of Kronborg Castle – the home of Shakespeare’s mad prince Hamlet and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kronborg Stories Untold: Tales and Destinies from the Depths of Danish History aims to give voice to the people who rarely make it into history books. We want to give the painter, the bricklayer, the mason, the cannon master, the caretaker, the guard, and the cleaner the platform they deserve.

These are the people who have dedicated their craftsmanship, professionalism, passion, attention – and a large part of their lives – to the maintenance of one of the most important Renaissance castles in the world.

The stories are currently published as a 304-page, hardcover coffee table book in Danish and in English. A Chinese translation is underway, as well as an interactive children´s project and several exhibitions of photos from the book.

In August 2021, an exhibition of 30 photos and quotes from the book are hosted at the Yinjing Art Museum in Chongqing, China. 

You can find the book here, og finde den på dansk, her.

For this project, we are interested in:

  • Partners to enable publication, promotion, and sales in the Chinese market
  • Locations that are interested in an exhibition based on the book

Contact GetAjour directly:

Experience the book

Below: The coffee table book, Kronborg Stories Untold, and promotion poster for the 2021 exhibition in Chongqing, China.

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EXPORT ASIA – Focus China
EXPORT ASIA gives you a completely unique access to the latest knowledge, as well as a range of operational network opportunities. During the program, you will meet experienced experts who will ensure that you get the necessary tools to enter the Chinese market safely and break through to your customers - and you can also get support when you have physically arrived in China. AS A PARTICIPANT, YOU GET Unique insight into the Chinese market Necessary knowledge of Chinese culture Partner search and partner management A concrete business model, so you get off to a good start Selection of sales channels (eg e-commerce) Matchmaking with DTU students (academic and geographical) Legal matters (eg conclusion of contract) as well as free trade agreements and contact with authorities Guidance in IPR (design protection / patent / trademark) Unique network with companies, researchers, students and business developers Possibility of 50% subsidy for expert help
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Develop 3D printing raw materials that meet the mechanical properties of invisible tooth aligner
Angelalign is looking for partner who can provide the special material technology for the invisible tooth aligner.. Because of the technical particularity of the prepared aligner, the molecular weight of the cured material is much lower than The molecular weight of the hot-pressed film, so the corresponding mechanical properties are weak. It is necessary to develop and optimize its raw material formula so that its orientation meets the mechanical performance requirements of the appliance. The printed product needs to meet the high resilience, tear resistance, attenuation resistance and other properties required for invisible correction of tooth. Please contact us by email
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Nordic-China Art Communication program
Nordic-China Art Communication program (NCAC) Objective: To test Chinese art market with lowest expense but most efficiency Target groups:  International artist in Nordic countries Organizers:  IHCD, Yijing Art Gallery Introduction of Yijing Art Gallery: Founded in 2015 and located in Chongqing, it has many offline art galleries in Chongqing, and it is also a service provider for many museums like Sichuan Museum and Chongqing Sanxia Museum. To be Achieved Results: 
  1. Online selling platform
The artwork will be shown on both Yijing art gallery online social media channels and IHCD website.
  • Offline exhibition
One month of intensive exposure in Yijing art gallery
  • Media exposure and marketing
Chinese media reports and marketing at all channels
  • 3-year selling plan
Partnering up with art galleries all over China, Yijing will take on the role of artist agent to help promote and sell for up to 3 years.
  • Awards and prizes
Cooperating with prominent Chinese art associations, IHCD organizes art awards. Program entry requirement:  IHCD individual membership is required Fee: 
Services  Price 
Online selling platform free
Offline exhibition Chip in basic costs of exhibition (appr. 5000dkk per person per time)Framing fee: 100-200 dkk, depending on sizes International postageInsurance
Media exposure and marketing free
3-year selling plan free
Awards and prizes free
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Nordic Distributors for LED lighting and electronics vendors required

High profile manufacture's of competitive LED lighting products seeking distributors and agents in the Nordics.

Do you want to enhance your product offering and competitive edge by engaging in direct collaboration with validated vendors of high quality electronics aimed at professional users, with-out the trouble risk, trouble and cost of ensuring reliable supply, quality and collaboration agreements. At Innovation House, all our members are seeking professional longterm business partnerships. We have already validated the business proposition and will assist the partners in ensuring a fruitfull collaboration. This may include.
  1. Market validation
  2. Product compliance and validation process
  3. Collaboration agreements
  4. Facilitated business engagement
  5. Services set-up
This approach will ensure value for both parties
Acquisition opportunity for advanced electronics Manufacturing & Development company

Investment opportunity for acquisition and investment in advanced Electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company with strong profitable track and significant expansion potential.

The company is a flexible and competitive Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) business in Germany. The company is privately owned and well-managed with many years of profitable growth track, now looking for serious new ownership. The company is well known for its very high production quality and innovative capacity supporting customers R&D activities. The company has a very skilled and stable workforce as well as significant capacity expansion possibilities, which supports major commercial expansion opportunities. Business continue to develop, and the company hold significant expansion and scalability opportunities in production, portfolio commercialization and capacity. Which this proposal intends to capitalize through a strong commercial strategy.

Financial & Strategic investors will benefit from

Rare low-risk investment opportunity with high ROI and flexible exit options supported by
  • EMS company in mega-trend market with strong financial track record and solid asset base
  • Stable and expanding customer portfolio with significant growth opportunities
  • Modern production facility in attractive location with option to expand
  • Up-to-date production with capacity to triple capacity within current facility
This is a truly unique proposition for strategic and financial investors to participate in full acquisition, as lead investor or syndicated investment scenarios.
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APIVault: unique partnering opportunity in Biotech
APIVault is a pillet is a unique oral drug delivery concept, developed and patented by the biotech company Apillet. It is a PCT patented, gastro-resistant, enteric coating platform, that provides targeted delivery and is adaptable to many drug types. APIVault replaces other platforms - with significant benefits for patients, authorities, and the health sector. It enables the targeted release of sensitive pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, microbiota, nutraceuticals, and oral vaccines. The new specialized encapsulations represent a valuable possibility for the development of new tablets and capsules for oral delivery and offer clear value propositions for both patients and the health sector. APIVault is provided as standard offerings and unique formulations. APIVault technology
  • is completely safe, efficiently targeted drug delivery
  • enables a new treatment approach for existing injectables
  • accelerates time-to-market for new products
  • substitutes traditional costly distribution and application
  • eliminates risk and side effects of current oral encapsulations
  • improves treatment efficiency and patient response
  • is time-saving and convenient for patients
  • saves administration and cost for authorities
The PCT patent is covering a novel specialized encapsulation technology, which is based solely on biocompatible non-toxic ingredients Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). The global market for oral drug delivery is large and continue to grow, driven by population growth, challenged health services, and the availability of medication and supplements. The need for better treatments, better reach in the population, treatment of critical “wealth” diseases like obesity and diabetes, as well as pandemics such as Covid-19 and an increase in Zika virus, malaria, and yellow fever drive demand for new applications and delivery methods. APIVault improves the effect and availability of medicines significantly and may provide alliance partners with significant advantages over current delivery methods. APILLET is now searching for alliance partners and co-investors to enable finalization of pre-clinical trials, commercialization & business development.
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