Expert Membership


A membership for the individual seeking to accelerate your business through networking and opportunities.

The Expert Membership is designed to give you access to knowledge, network, and a personal profile which allows you to access and offer your expertise to assignments and projects in our network.


As an expert member, you always have a relevant forum to showcase your special skills, and to offer your particular expertise for opportunities arising with our members in the Nordics and in Asia.

We validate and consult with you on your skills and needs as a first step in the membership process. You can expect to be contacted within three business days of purchase to schedule an initial conversation and to help you optimize your presence on the membership platform.

  • Flexible assignment work
  • Visible and searchable for a network of innovative organizations
  • Actively apply for relevant projects
  • Make new connections

Expert membership includes access to the general platform, access to all related services, event and network invitations, assignment and project matchmaking, and expert profile exposure. The membership fee is paid yearly and upon consultation with you  – no automatic renewal.