Business Membership


Entry-level membership for the innovative entrepreneur or small organization with international aspirations and up to 10 employees.

Provides a toolbox for cross-border growth and innovation.


If you are ready to accelerate growth, Business Membership will help you see and realize the next steps, including local business representation, building your commercial platform, and establishing distribution and supply.

Tailor the services to your immediate needs in collaboration with our consultants, progress in your own time, and enjoy easy access to partners, advice, and assistance when you reach the next step.

The point of departure for your membership will always be the individual needs of your company. Expect to be contacted within three business days after purchase, for an initial conversation and evaluation, and for the optimization of your presence on the platform.

We offer qualified Chinese and Nordic entrepreneurs access to corporate incubation & innovation support.

  • Discover the innovation you need
  • Have operational help on hand when entering a new market
  • Collaborate on sales and sourcing
  • Fast track your product commercialization
  • Save resources and reduce risk
  • Access an international network where relevant connections are actively facilitated

Business membership includes access to the general platform, five assignment posts, five project posts, and access to and activities, including two representatives at formal events. The Business Membership is included in fixed office space agreements.

The membership fee is paid yearly and upon consultation – no automatic renewals.