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Our way of life in today’s consumer society creates big problems. The large amounts of waste are costly, not only for our planet and climate but also costly for ourselves. If we want, we can recycle DKK 500 million in raw materials every single year in Denmark alone.

You do not need raw materials to make new products, you just need to a radically different look at the raw materials we already have. Using 3D printing, CNC, and thermoforming, Triboo transforms any type of raw material into sustainable products. 

Our business model is circular, going from upcycling of waste into new raw material, to the production of new products, the use of products, return, and back to recycling.

Become one of our circular partners, and let us ensure that raw materials will never be lost. Instead of burning or selling our raw materials, Triboo turns them into new high-profile products. We remain the owner of the raw material. You become a “partner” of circular products. When you are done with the product, we take it back for a new round of upcycling – nothing is discarded.

We offer

  • A catalog of circular products that you can order directly from us
  • Workshops exploring what can be done about your waste, rather than selling or destroying it
  • Joint development of circular products that meet your specific needs

We are looking for

  • New circular collaboration partners

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Thomas Nielsen

Experience: 15+ years

Henrik Pallesen Hansen

Experience: 15+ years