About Company


TecVision is a leading supplier of extraordinary technology in the areas of professional lighting systems, digital surveillance equipment, CE appliances and related equipment to the North European market place.

Tecvision provides professional sourcing and service competences to resellers and solution providers in the Nordic and European marketplace.

TecVision also have the capability to co-develop, source and produce bespoke solutions for all electronic products in these areas – from industrial design to finished product, and undertakes specific sourcing of all electronic products, components and devices.

TecVision was founded in 2007 on the basis of the equivalent business areas in DVR TEC and Plättner electronics to focus competences and market penetration ability in the core business areas.

TecVision represents significant competence, experience and capability in its selected business areas and aspires to become your preferred sourcing partner.

All our products are supported by complete service and support framework including national service call center for each country in the region.

We are proud to represent a number of high quality technology brands and introduce a range of leading manufactures of extraordinary electronic solutions and alternative energy into the Nordic and European market place. We ensure brands are introduced with a proper sales, service and logistics framework which provide leading competitive edge to your business.

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