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Storytelling works. Research and experience show that we understand, remember, and engage more with stories. In the US, ‘the money making story’ has been a tool for many years – storytelling and value-driven content are both cheaper and more efficient than using traditional PR.

Get Ajour is a storytelling agency, delivering strategic storytelling to small, medium-sized, and large companies. We work with core narratives, strategy, workshops, one-on-one story coaching, and individual productions, all with a focus on the tools and techniques that make a story easier to identify with – and to remember.


Get Ajour Publishing is an offshoot of the storytelling agency Get Ajour. We publish books with a human touch, which use personal stories and practically founded professionalism to create a valuable sense of community between people.

Whether you meet us at the publishing company or in the agency, we always produce stories with a sense of purpose, professional narrative techniques, and an impassioned desire to communicate. 

We offer

  •  Strategic storytelling for your small, medium or enterprise sized company
  • Find your core narrative and make it work for your business
  • One-on-one storytelling coaching

We are always looking for

  • Publishing partners
  • Book distribution



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Anja K. Vilgaard

Writer, Storyteller & Owner

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