Validated services for your business and innovations

Why connect Asia and the Nordic countries?

Years of work have proven to the partners behind Innovation House China-Denmark that the combination Asia-Nordics has significant potential. Companies can build international success and set themselves on a path to future growth based on good, innovation-driven collaborations between the two regions. 

Chinese and Nordic competencies and values in combination have proven extremely competitive, both internationally and in their home markets. Nordic businesses increasingly depend on the ability to collaborate with Chinese organizations to keep up a competitive edge in the near markets – just as the future success of Chinese businesses at home and abroad depends on the ability to include Nordic innovation, design, and values.

How you can establish innovation-driven collaborations

Whether you are located in Asia or in the Nordic countries, we provide a premium membership solution that offers practical guidance and expert knowledge. Our partners and affiliates are experienced in trading, collaborating, and innovating across borders, from the level of initial research to enterprise business.

As a member, you will be able to draw on a range of services, facilitated through our digital platform, as digital and physical events, input from our network of experts, or personal advisory. Always expect solutions catered to you and your projects specifically, and always expect to be referred to validated and experienced resources and services for your next step.

Our membership tiers – individual, business, premium, and enterprise – allow you to select the package that best suits the current stage of your organization, or to sign up as an individual, offering your expertise for innovation and business projects. Send us an email or contact member services for advice and guidance, or see in more detail below what you can expect as a member of Innovation House China-Denmark. 

Legal, IPR, and Registrations

Our network of validated suppliers can help you fast track your legal structure and setup, protect intellectual property, manage credit and payments, and a host of other related, essential services. You will save time and money by consulting with experienced specialists.

Timeframe and budget are two critical factors when bridging Asia and the Nordics through business or innovation, and both can spiral out of control if problems arise with IPR, registrations, certifications, issues of legality, and a host of other important but complex areas. As a member, you can rely on our network of validated and experienced suppliers in Asia and the Nordics to provide you with the right assistance at the right time and to pinpoint the potential pitfalls, whether you need to register a company, select the right bank, or protect intellectual property rights.

Entering a market with a vastly different business culture can be daunting, and we aim to provide you with the best level of security at the highest level of ease.

Innovation and Commercialization

Your innovation pipeline is the basis of your future growth platform. We provide tools to identify, prioritize, and carry out your best ideas, and access to experienced experts for the practical commercialization of your innovations from idea to strategy, distribution, and market.

When ideas are either scarce or too many, generating and selecting the right innovations to develop and commercialize can be difficult – and betting on the wrong ones means a waste of time and ressources for your organisation. We use tools to help you build, hone, and prioritize a relevant pipeline of innovation. 

Even great ideas sometimes fail to make a great business because of a lack of proper commercialization. To stop that from happening to your ideas, we look specifically at the process of practical commercialization of your product or high-potential innovation, and point to the ideation, market, and technology assessment services you need to proceed, including international business development, go-to-market strategy, sales, distribution, and e-commerce.

Soft Landing Services

We facilitate services ranging from light administrative support to full market introduction or business establishment, including expatriate employee hosting, on-location liaison, resource or partner validation, and HR. Launch your brand or product using the best tools available. 

Expanding your business from Asia to the Nordic countries or the other way around presents a list of unique challenges. Having our ressources on hand saves you from spending you or your employees’ time on extensive research and networking, and takes the guesswork out of finding and establishing relations with a local partner.  

We are familiar with the needs of different types of cross-border innovation, collaboration, or business, and we have more connections on hand through our network than any one person could gather in a lifetime of professional work. We will point you directly to validated services that will ease or accelerate the initial steps for your specific project, including business support, HR, active liaison with partners on location, and interim management of functions like sales, service, and general management. 

Facilitated Matchmaking

Join an actively facilitated platform that matches projects with assistance, investors with innovations, and businesses with collaborators and expert help. We foster value-creation, including co-innovation and innovation acceleration, R&D, and commercialization.

Networking is successful only when it creates relevant contacts and ensuing collaborations. We are experienced in matching partners that produce win-win scenarios and collaborations that become more than the sum of their parts. We create matches where possible between entrepreneur and funding, startup and corporate, or innovation and production pipeline. 

As a member, you are invited to search among our resources, experts, and your fellow members for the services and partners you need. In addition to searches by you and other members, our consultants actively review all new projects, assignments, and profiles, matching them internally between members but also with experts and partners in their own networks. Our consultants are exposed to a broad range of technologies, connections, and opportunities and may find an innovation that fits your pipeline before you start thinking about it yourself.   

R&D and Manufacturing

We provide an analysis of your needs and point to the solutions and services that will help you grow your innovation from its current stage. Whether you need to scale up production, initiate research, or reduce environmental impact, we can help you certify, optimize, reduce, and grow.

Research and development comes in many shapes and we will look at your needs before making any recommendations on optimization, acceleration, or next steps. Innovation is not necessarily growth – it can just as easily mean reducing cost, waste, man-hours, environmental impact, components, or steps in a process. Are your most immediate needs in engineering or production facilities? Is your next step initiating research or productizing the research you have already done? Our partners can help scale your production, source better or cheaper materials, or optimize the engineering behind your innovation.

We cater to pharma and tech, but we like to consider supply chain establishment, management, and validation of any innovative project. Our checklist and service catalog covers prototyping, supply, and commercial and technological compliance and certification to local standards in Asia or the Nordic countries. 

Capital and Funding

Enter a network where our partners and affiliates are actively searching for new opportunities, projects, and innovations. Qualified, innovative projects and businesses with international potential are provided with expert advice on soft funding and investment.

We actively connect projects and businesses with opportunities in capital and funding, finding the best matches between our members and in our extensive network. Our partners and collaborators are looking for solutions to purchase, large enterprises are looking for collaborations with innovative entrepreneurs, and researchers are looking for collaborators to test and commercialize innovations. We actively make the connections, and within our network, you will become visible and searchable – opportunities will get the chance to find you. 

If there are no obvious matches available, members have the opportunity to build a complete fundraising plan in collaboration with us. For innovative projects with an international potential we offer advice on soft funding and investment, og fundraising through our network.

Office Space

In Need of Office Space?

We offer physical office spaces, when and where available. They come with a Business Membership included and can be a part of a soft landing plan for your product, brand, or service. SEE YOUR OPTIONS.