“We are a team of Experts"

Innovation House China-Denmark was founded in 2016 as part of the GrowthFactories, a chain of incubators in Denmark with contacts to other business incubators all over Europe.

From January 2021 we are turning the ambitions up to create a focused platform for accelerated innovation collaboration between Chinese and Nordic organizations. If you want assistance to accelerate your business development , do not hesitate to contact the Innovation House advisors.

The innovation business service partners provide deep expertise, operational knowledge and have vast experience.

Member service

Members enjoy access to a range of services and facilitated networking.
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Become a candidate member to apply for assignments, freelance, and full-time work.
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New knowledge

Access articles by experts in a number of relevant fields on our blog.
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Innovation & collaboration

Browse projects looking for relevant partners in the Nordics and China, and post your own.
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Business service

Utilize the extensive network of business and technical experts who can provide the exact service you require.
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Office facilities

Make use of our flexible office facilities - fully serviced. A perfect way to focus on your business
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