If You're Seeking Opportunities

In the Innovation House Community member organizations can publish assignments and invitations to participate in Innovation projects, investments or other tasks.  

As a candidate you can present yourself as a potential resource and participant for the posted assignments. You can present yourself with your personal profile and select the assignment criteria you’re looking for. 

You will have your own secure – personal dashboard which will help you keep track of all your interactions.

Member organizations will post assignment with the relevant information, criterias and priorites.  The assignments are validated by the Innovation House Candidates and candidates can make direct contact to the assignment poster via the system.

In addition Member Service will proved active match making between Candidates and Member organizations.

if you need assistance you simply write to service@china-denmark.com

As a candidate you have created your profile on the platform which will be visible to member organizations and they may reach out to you directly or Member service may do so on their behalf.

You can find relevant opportunities in many way throughout the platform.

1. Use the assignment search areas: Simply add the keywords and select other criteria like area, industry and assignment type 

2. Go the the Assignment menu: Filter opportunities by selecting your preferences in the filter sections on the right side of the screen

Your candidate membership run on a specific subscription.

Once you have made your registration, you account will be validated and approved by member service.

There after you simply login with your chosen details and can manage you account settings and information via your own dashboard.

If you need any assistance you simply contact member service.  service@china-denmark.com

Make sure you keep a good professional tone in everything you do in the system.  

Bad language, inappropriate content, condescending attitude and any form of discrimination may cause immediate termination of your account.

As a candidate you have the opportunity set alerts for your preferred searches. 

So, when new assignments are posted you will receive an e-mail notification. 

Assignments and opportunities related to Innovation House are typically related to international collaborations.  

We provide an active match making platform and a range of relevant information and activities through out the year.

Unlike the many normal job portals Member Service are actively assisting member organizations in finding relevant candidates. 

You simply sign-up by creating your account on the registration page

If You're an Organization

Once you are approved member you will receive username and password to the site. This includes your own administration dashboard, where you can follow your activities.  

From here you are able to enter assignments and posts. Pending approval from member services.

Member Services will assist you in the creation of relevant posts and can provide active match making to ensure your objective with a particular assignment or project are achieved.

The membership contain the opportunity to post assignments and projects.

You can post a certain number of projects and assignments pr. year depending on your membership status.

As an administrator you can perform tasks on behalf of an owner. The administrator is the person a Member organization nominate to to be administrator of the activities related to the Innovation Community platform.

So, if member service post your project – they are administrator / acting on your behalf. As you, the member organization is the owner and full responsible of the post.

Once you have registered and approved as member or candidate you will be able to post and apply interactively 

As a member organization you can post:

  1. All types of assignments you may need resource for. This can be specific tasks, ad-hoc freelance work , interim assignments or full time jobs.
  2. Projects you need partners for. This can be  for collaborative development of new innovations or specific joint-venture propositions
  3. Investment opportunities. This can be requests for co-investments or funding of specific development programs or search for strategic and financial investors.

Yes,  as a member you can always ask member service to post your project or assignment. Just provide the necessary information and detail to service@china-denmark.com