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Innovation House China-Denmark was founded in 2016 part of a chain of incubators in Denmark, called the GrowthFactories with contacts to other business incubators all over Europe.

From January 2021 we turn-up the ambitions to create a focused platform for accelerated innovation collaboration between Chinese and Nordic organizations. If you want assistance to accelerate your business development , do not hesitate to contact the Innovation House advisors.

The innovation business service partners provide deep expertise, operational knowledge and have wast experience.

Member service

Are always prepared to assist you in getting a good basis for your business development


As a Candidate member you can apply for project assignments, freelance and full time work
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New knowledge

Follow our BLOG - provided by experts in a number of relevant fields
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Innovation colaboration

Post you innovation projects and find relevant partners in the Nordics and China.
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Business service

Utilize the extensive network of business and technical experts who can provide the exact service you require.
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Office facilities

Make use of our flexible office facilities - fully serviced. A perfect way to focus on your business
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Innovation house

Our Magic Team

Lu Zeng

Business Development Director
China & Branding specialist. Lu will also lead the development of the innovation house activities for “Culture, Art & entertainment”

Dong Zhu

Business Development Director
China Business & Investment Expert. Dong will also lead the development of the financial related innovation house activities.

Michael Plougmann

Senior Advisor
International strategic leadership

HC Fransen

Senior Advisor
International SCM & distribution

Mogens Ojen

Senior Advisor
Asia liaison & collaboration

Anne Winberg

Innovation House Coordinator
Lead the daily activities and faciliitate member services

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