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Naiyi is born and raised in China and with her economics degree, she has worked in Chinese and Danish economic corporations for over 10 years in the respective countries. With this experience, she started her own firm, Chu Advisory in 2020.

Naiyi is an expert in import and export between China and Denmark and as she says, “China’s market has huge potential, I almost can’t sit still, I’m just excited to help Danish firms gain access to the Chinese market, my expertise is helping Danish companies get into the Chinese market”.

One of the difficulties Chu Advisory is facing is a limited network, Naiyi has a big network in China but wants to expand her network in Denmark but this is a hard process to go through during a global pandemic. Therefore she chose to join IHCD in order to find a network of Danish companies interested in exporting to China. After gaining access to a new network Chu Advisory can finally focus more on customers and less on networking.

E-commerce in China

Even though the pandemic has made it more difficult to do business, Naiyi focuses on the things that you can do instead of seeing the limitations. She explains that in 2018 Chinese consumers made 40% of all online purchases in the world. The pandemic has only accelerated the growth of Chinese e-commerce. This makes China the best place to do e-commerce, or at least the market with the highest potential revenue and most potential buyers.

Naiyi says, “I hope I can be a link between Denmark and China … I can bring great value for example by finding the right partners and negotiating cheaper prices because I know what Chinese enterprises pay for these services”. Digital marketing is essential in the current time and the Chinese purchasing culture. According to Naiyi, if you want to reach as many Chinese consumers as possible you’ll have to use Alibaba or rather than making your own webshop. This is because Chinese E-commerce is very different from western E-commerce. Chinese people rarely use a company’s webshop, they would rather buy through big E-commerce platforms. The reason why they prefer this is because the selection is larger and there’s a lower risk of buying fake products. When using the big E-commerce platforms you’ll get more traffic and more potential buyers.

Naiyi is very confident in her ability to help whichever product, an innovative solution, an electronic device, or an already existing product into the Chinese market and at a fair price. She even states, “I researched what the cheapest and fastest solution is, so I already know what the right way into the Chinese market is.”

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