Who Drives Your Innovation?

All improvement comes from the desire to do better, and do differently. That might make you think innovation is often driven by the critics – those who constantly seek new ways, new discoveries, and improvements – but in reality, criticism and critics pursuing ways to improve are a curse for innovation.

Innovators are optimists. They are not stopped by constraints such as cash, competence, priorities, or strategies. That makes prioritization and strategic decision-making important when looking at the innovation coming from within your organization. Improvements, whether they are big inventions or small steps, only create the desired benefits and value when they are implemented in the right context, at the right time, in the right market, and with the right partners.

Building your Innovation Pipeline

Most innovations, coming from inside or outside the organization, are stopped for the wrong reasons, and many great innovations are laying on the shelves never to see daylight.

At IHCD, we investigate a good idea until it becomes a bad one, considering the context, timing, markets, and partners. Not having an appropriate framework for securing an innovation pipeline is a grave mistake: managing your innovation is a core component in securing your future growth platform.

Changing the status quo is still the primary driver of innovation and the motivation for gearing the IHCD community towards the creation of new innovation and business collaboration.

Innovation House

Innovation House

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