New Opportunities for Nordic & Chinese Businesses


China has weathered the Covid-19 crisis and while countries worldwide are sliding into recession, the People’s Republic has bounced back to moderate economic growth. Nordic innovative solutions are in demand now more than ever.

Innovation House China-Denmark offers new opportunities

Before Covid-19, the number of visitors from China to the Nordic countries was increasing, and it will increase again. While the pandemic has put tourism on hold, Chinese consumers are increasingly interacting with European brands online. Consumers are looking for digital experiences – not just product shopping.

There is a great demand for solutions, knowledge, and innovation from Northern Europe, and several ways your company can participate and collaborate.

Need assistance entering the Chinese market?

Continued digitalization, e-commerce, digital payments, and free trade agreements (FTAs) significantly facilitate international customer engagement, and new digital opportunities are crucial for access to the Chinese market. Consumers are constantly online and can do just about everything via advanced digital platforms.

As the world’s fastest-growing consumer market, China offers enormous potential for Nordic businesses. The growing middle class of 400 million people has increased spending power and a taste for international goods.

Your core offering probably has more than one way that it can be commercialized: from understanding the royalty and licensing opportunities, positioning your products and services optimally in the marketplace, and using the appropriate channels and platforms to market.

The opportunity may seem difficult to address – but the reality is that it is too important to ignore and easier to participate than you may think.

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