Innovation House China-Denmark

Innovation House China-Denmark is located in the center of Copenhagen very close to the world famous Tivoli amusement park and all the other famous sites of this beautiful city.

What can Innovation House China-Denmark do for you?

Innovation House China-Denmark offers a unique mix of practical solutions combined with in-depth local knowledge. At your office space, you’ll have a team of advisors who can help you navigate the culture, rules and regulations of the other country. That way you are sure to start off with a soft landing, so you can focus on building your business from day one.

The idea is that by making it easier for enterprises to do business in each other’s country, we accelerate growth in both China and Denmark, and the effort behind Innovation House China-Denmark is truly bilateral, with Danish partners from both the public and private sectors, as well as Chinese investors.

In other words, when you choose to join, you’ll get access to an influential network charged with insight and access to a wide range of member services which will help you achieve your objectives.

Innovation and securing the future of your business is an ongoing process. In order to stay on top of that, you need to become a member now and continuously reap the benefits of having access to our network and experts. When you need our help we’ll always be there to make sure your business has the connections and information it needs to be the best it can be.

So get started and begin your journey with the help of Innovation House China-Denmark today:


Innovation House

Innovation House

Innovation House China-Denmark is your one-stop place for operational expertise in innovation, collaboration, and business between Asia and the Nordics. A membership gives you access to a large network of vetted contacts, experienced help when you need it, and constant matchmaking with innovative entrepreneurs, funding opportunities, and potential partners. Memberships are available for individuals and companies from start-ups to enterprises.