Prepare for next step Globalization of your business

China’s “new normal” growth model has been consumption-led rather than investment-driven – changing the world’s second-largest economy from a low-cost manufacturer to a value-added developer of technology and services. Improving its manufacturing prowess and promoting its companies on the international stage are government goals, as are the ambitious “Belt and Road” and “Made in China 2025” initiatives focused on infrastructure and industry. While COVID-19 created significant challenges in terms of trade, growth, and international relations, the country has made significant progress in terms of restarting its economy since mid-2020.

With 985 Million Internet users, 50% of all global e-commerce trading and the first state controls crypto currency – China is a market and a nation you must engage to participate and stay competitive.

Under the umbrella of all these strategic objectives and efforts

Regardless of your location, nationality, or industry – you will have to work with China to compete in the global marketplace. Just as you will need to work with companies and organizations from USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, Russia and other key markets and sources.

Your business is most likely already including some level of collaborative elements involving China – either indirectly via your suppliers – or directly via your sourcing.  Somewhere in the value chain – between your idea. I PR and the client’s collaboration exist.

Your potential uncovered

For many organizations, the potential remains unclear and are never investigated – due to lack of bandwidth, understanding of potential value and route.

The ability to navigate to successful establishment in new markets can be achieved by understanding the market and your value proposition in that market.

Your products and services – can be commercialized in variety of ways.  We can help.

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