The office space has been stylishly fitted for good accoustics, using specially prepared artistic photos. The lighting is nice and warm, with LEDs. When your guests arrive, you can welcome them with a greeting on our 55” flatscreen in the reception area.

Choose the solution that’s right for your business. You’re free to mix and match any way you please. All workspaces come equipped with ergonomic sit-stand desks, access to printers and high-speed internet, private lockers, phone booths as well as conference rooms and a kitchenette.


Please note: To ensure maximum flexibility, On-The-Fly workspaces may be used 2-3 times a week. All other workspaces are accessible 24/7.

If you already have an office space but would like to connect with the powerful network of Danish and Chinese businesses at Innovation House, consider these options:

Associated Member: No office space, but full access to all seminars and workshops – 1,000 DKK / month (no service fee)

Vækstfabrikanter: No office space, but full access to all seminars and workshops – 400 DKK / month (no service fee)


Private Office: With 2 Work Stations



Open Office: fixed work station



Open Office: flexible work station




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