Karin Vith Ankerstjerne

General Manager

During more than 15 years I have been working with international business development for Danish companies seeking know-how and advice on how to make it to China and how to develop and manage partnerships with Chinese companies.

Daily, I strive for connecting China and Denmark, and to broaden the mutual understanding of our similarities and differences in order to build stronger ties between our two nations. In comparison, China might seem to be a big and strong Dragon, like Denmark might seem to be a little beautiful Mermaid. However, together we can create smart new innovations to be marketed in both East and West.


Jimmy Faustin Andersen

Project Manager

As Project Manager for the match-making project InnovationFinder, I help Chinese companies find Danish partners in Denmark. Denmark has knowhow that China wants and the Chinese market offers huge business opportunities for Danish companies. These business opportunities and the interaction between our two nations will only be growing in the years to come and with a unique platform like Innovation House China-Denmark, we are here to support that.

After spending years working with China, I have gained important knowledge about some of the challenges that foreign companies are facing when entering the Chinese market. This knowledge I am today using in my daily work, when preparing Danish companies to go into the Chinese market and vice versa. The better you are prepared for these challenges, the bigger are the chances for success.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you want more information about the InnovationFinder project.



+45 6060 0913


Indiakaj 20
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark